About Us

    Don’t go the way of the Brownie.

We all know the story of Kodak and Blockbuster and their fall from global powerhouses to desolation in a matter of years. The bones of their demise have been picked over relentlessly to try to understand (and avoid) the mistakes that lead from success to failure. One key theme: they failed to adapt quickly enough in the face of prevailing market forces. And for many companies this is an increasing challenge: how to remain relevant? How to keep up? It is not an easy challenge but it is made easier if we are talking about humans and human skills. Large, complex organisations are hard to shift quickly let alone radically transform.

But humans? Well, the good news is that a growing body of research tells us that as automation rapidly transforms our workplaces humans are going to be increasingly undertaking non-routine tasks. Tasks that machines simply can’t do. And the good news is that non-routine tasks rely on uniquely human skills. And uniquely human skills are inherent within all of us.

We just have to learn how to use them. Enter the Future Work Skills Academy.

The Future Work Skills Academy brings together the world’s leading contemporary thinkers and practitioners in the 10 skills identified by the Institute for the Future’s (IFTF) 2011 report: Future Workskills 2020.

The goal of  the Academy is to enable human workers to refine the humanness that sets them apart from machines and to unlock THE key strategic advantage in the Future of Work: people.


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We envisage a world of work where the power of humanness transcends technology.


People are at the centre of everything we do. Our unifying mission is to form an essential thread that builds the bridge between you and the future of work.

We will do this by providing you access to the great answers to the questions posed by the rise of machines and advancing automation.  We will help humans find their place, their purpose, and fulfil their potential in the Future of Work.

Together we will connect, collaborate, and create to conquer the challenges of the future.