Hello. It’s the future calling you.   

How are you preparing for the 4th Industrial Revolution?

And why should you care?

Simply put, the world of work is changing in ways that will soon render our current models irrelevant. To survive and thrive, all workers will need to adapt, cultivate agency, and foster resilience. We offer a series of foundational learning programs designed to help you/your workforce not only adapt and bounce back but bounce forward.

McKinsey’s latest report on the impact of automation and work predicts between 75-375m workers will need to change jobs or adapt in their occupations by 2030. This staggering number suggests 14% of the workforce may need to change occupations. CEO of IBM Ginny Rometty says,“100% of the workforce will need to adapt.” We offer tools and techniques to better equip you/your workforce to adapt to these changes.

Frey Osborne’s latest research (an extension of their seminal earlier work) predicts 47% of work in the US, 57% in some OECD countries and 77% in China is at risk of automation. This famed 47% is often misquoted as it is not that nearly half of all jobs will be automated but half of all work – this very notion reshapes jobs as opposed to eliminating them. We offer the resources to help you/your workforce prepare for changes in your job or industry.

Futurist Martin Ford (the world’s early warning signal on the changes ahead) maintains 75% of occupations we know today will disappear by the end of the century. We reject this dystopian view of the end of work and, rather, see it as the potential to leverage technology to unleash the potential of humanity. In order to unleash this capacity, we need to develop better human skills for human to machine collaborations.

And in Australia, The Foundation for Young Australians forecasts that young people will hold 17 jobs across 5 careers in their lifetime.

This level of change is unprecedented in human history and, as such, we believe we need to offer workers training to develop the foundational literacies for the 21st century through three programs: the Art of Humanness—better uniquely human skills, Navigating the New World—the essential skills to thrive in a hyper-connected and globally interdependent world, and finally Working With Bots—key skills to best leverage technology to advance your human potential. Collectively these skills provide the essential foundation for any and all professions in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The Future Work Skills Academy is the only place on earth exclusively offering training (through a variety of modalities: online digital courses, webinars, Virtual Reality experiences, challenge-based online team activities and traditional workshops) in the work skills of the future. Click the Experience for Free image to start your learning journey.