Florencia Bravo


I am Florencia Bravo your 4IR.org Cognitive Load Management Skills Coach. I am passionate and curious about many things, want to study, know, visit and do many things.  But as I learned, life is about choosing. Choosing what to study, learn, know, listen, read…and feel good about it! I want to share with you all I know about how to handle your cognitive load, and be happy and mindful about it!


Ever since I was a little girl a vivid image comes to my mind. I’m at the beach; a wave comes towards me and leaves behind thousands of clams. I want to catch them all, but quickly, they get into the sand and disappear. I want to grab them all. But I can’t. I can grab just a few.

That is a real story. That’s been happening to me in every single vacation on the beach! And is a perfect analogy to express how I feel every time my head gets switched to overload! There is so much out there, and so little we can “grab”. Isn’t it?

A little about me: I completed a Political Science and International Relations degree at the Universidad Católica Argentina. I hold an MBA from IAE Business School, and I am currently working on my Doctoral Thesis on the Iranian Islamic Revolution. I have studied extensively about leadership, organizational strategy, family businesses and professionalization.  My latest interests are Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, the Science of Happiness and everything related to finding our purpose in life.

I started working at 15 being a yachting instructor every weekend for ten years.  I also worked for more than 25 years in big companies in the financial industry. Now I am a partner at two consultant firms helping Government, ONGs, big companies, and medium to big family businesses. I teach at the Universidad del Salvador in the Masters in Coaching and in the Personal Development and Leadership Programme.

I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina with my husband, my two incredible daughters and my dog Simon in a quiet neighbourhood in the suburbs. We all love to travel together! Except for Simon (we leave him with my sister!)

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